50 Email Subjects That Get Results

50 Email Subjects That Get Results

We've all heard how important Email Marketing is. Everyone raves that it's the fastest way to grow steady income. That email marketing is the highest return on investment of any sales avenue. That every dollar spent in email marketing will come back to you multiplied. But, why is it so important?

Email marketing is the holy grail of modern customer outreach because it allows you to reconnect with previous customers. Did you know that the sales rate with previous customers is 60-70% while with new customers it's only 5-20%? So where do you want to invest your time, putting facebook ads in front of potential customers? OR getting directly in the inbox of people who have already bought from you! 

We all want to invest our time in the place that gives us the more return, so email marketing continues to win. Maybe you already know of this though and you just need your idea juice to start flowing for your next email. Or if you're joining the email marketing training get a kick start with out list of 50 subject lines that actually get opened.

50 Subject Lines That Get Sales

About to hit send on your first email? Have months of emails planned out but no subject lines? Content getting trapped in unopened emails? Want to continue to improve your email marketing skills?

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